Hilary Pecis at Halsey McKay

26.HalseyMcKayGallery_HilaryPecis_Botanical Gardens_2019_44 x 32

Artist: Hilary Pecis

Venue: Halsey McKay, East Hampton

Exhibition Title: Adios Verano

Date: August 31 – October 5, 2019

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20.HalseyMcKayGallery_HilaryPecis_Pool House_2019_23x29

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1.HalseyMcKayGallery_HilaryPecis_AdiosVerano_1 2.HalseyMcKayGallery_HilaryPecis_AdiorVerano_2 3.HalseyMcKayGallery_HilaryPecis_AdiorVerano_3 4.HalseyMcKayGallery_HilaryPecis_AdiorVerano_4 5.5.HalseyMcKayGallery_HilaryPecis_AdiorVerano_5 5.HalseyMcKayGallery_HilaryPecis_AdiorVerano_6 6.HalseyMcKayGallery_HilaryPecis_AdiorVerano_7 7.HalseyMcKayGallery_HilaryPecis_AdiorVerano_8 8.HalseyMcKayGallery_HilaryPecis_AdiorVerano_9 9.HalseyMcKayGallery_HilaryPecis_AdiosVerano_99 10.HalseyMcKayGallery_HilaryPecis_Dogwood_2019_20x16 11.HalseyMcKayGallery_HilaryPecis_Wasabi Peas Arrangement_2019_44x32 12.HalseyMcKayGallery_HilaryPecis_Wasabi Peas Arrangement_2019_44x32_Detail_1 13.HalseyMcKayGallery_HilaryPecis_Wasabi Peas Arrangement_2019_44x32_Install 14.HalseyMcKayGallery_HilaryPecis_Harper's Game_2019_60x48 15.HalseyMcKayGallery_HilaryPecis_Harper's Game_2019_60x48_Detail_1 16.HalseyMcKayGallery_HilaryPecis_Harper's Game_2019_60x48_Install 17.HalseyMcKayGallery_HilaryPecis_NewFishBowl_2019_60x48 19.HalseyMcKayGallery_HilaryPecis_NewFishBowl_2019_60x48_Install 20.HalseyMcKayGallery_HilaryPecis_Pool House_2019_23x29 21.HalseyMcKayGallery_HilaryPecis_Pool House_2019_23x29_Detail_1 22.HalseyMcKayGallery_HilaryPecis_Pool House_2019_23x29_Install 23.HalseyMcKayGallery_HIlaryPecis_ClintonHillApartment_2019 24.HalseyMcKayGallery_HIlaryPecis_ClintonHillApartment_2019_Detail_1 25.HalseyMcKayGallery_HIlaryPecis_ClintonHillApartment_2019_Install 27.HalseyMcKayGallery_HilaryPecis_Botanical Gardens_2019_44 x 32_Detail_1 28.HalseyMcKayGallery_HilaryPecis_Botanical Gardens_2019_44 x 32_Intstall 30.HalseyMcKayGallery_HilaryPecis_OutdoorTable_2019_60x48 31.HalseyMcKayGallery_HilaryPecis_OutdoorTable_2019_60x48_Detail_1 32.HalseyMcKayGallery_HilaryPecis_OutdoorTable_2019_60x48_Install 33.HalseyMcKayGallery_HIlaryPecis_Bazar_2019_44x32 34.HalseyMcKayGallery_HIlaryPecis_Bazar_2019_44x32_Detail_1 35.HalseyMcKayGallery_HilaryPecis_Bazaar_Install

Images courtesy of Halsey McKay, East Hampton

Press Release:

Halsey McKay presents Adios Verano, Hilary Pecis’ third solo show with the gallery. Hilary Pecis’ works reference the history and medium of painting. Following the traditional motifs of still life and landscape painting, Pecis challenges the genre with her use of energetic and vibrant swaths of color, highly pigmented patterns, and manipulated perspectives. Using her surroundings as inspiration, outtakes from dinner parties, friends’ homes, gardens, collections and libraries are granted saturated life in visually stunning, modest memorials. The process of translating these photographs into paintings allows Pecis the opportunity to meditate on the specific moment and memory captured, helping her to create sincere translations of her own experiences. These are portraits without a figure that grant entry into the homes and spaces that the artist visits. Each picture leaves clues through which we glean an understanding of the artist herself.
Hilary Pecis received her Master of Fine Arts in 2009 and her Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2006 from the California College of the Arts in San Francisco, CA. Pecis’ work has been the subject of one-person exhibitions at galleries such as Halsey McKay, East Hampton, NY and Rachel Uffner Gallery, New York, NY. Her work has been featured in exhibitions such as Vision Valley, Brand Library & Arts Center, Glendale, CA (2018); Shadow Shop, Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, CA (2010); Fax, Torrance Art Museum, Torrance, CA (2010); This is Your, This is My, University of Texas, San Antonio, TX (2009); New Landscapes, Dominican University of San Rafael, San Rafael, CA (2008); and Grounded, Southern Exposure, San Francisco, CA (2007). She has been the recipient of the San Francisco Arts Commission’s Murphy and Cadogan Fellowship and is a co-founder of Binder of Women, a collective of female artists based in the Los Angeles area. Pecis will have a solo exhibiton at the Crisp-Ellert Museum at Flagler College in January of 2020.

Link: Hilary Pecis at Halsey McKay

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